Thought leadership on messaging and feedback

Best day to send email

Is it Tuesday? Maybe Thursday?  


What marketers need to know now.

Words matter

Language and terminology can impact Survey outcome.

Data at rest encryption

As a last line of defense, it prevents anyone from accessing your data without the right encryption keys.

All new survey dashboard

Fresh new look, showing key metrics in an engaging & useful way.

Data enrichment service

Add over 85 data points to email

All new email dashboard

The dashboard gets a bold new look

New drag and drop email designer

The all new drag and drop email designer in 60 seconds.

7 tips for holiday messaging

Any holiday can be important for your email campaign  

#SitecoreSYM Trip Report

Sitecore Symposium 2016 - Something Different. 


What are the implications for email marketing and data 

Email reminders made easy

How to make sure Customers get the right reminder, just when they need it 

Did you leave the door open?

With Phishing on the rise, now is the time to check if your domain is vulnerable 

You can't send to GMAIL on a dime

Mandrill ceased their free service on Feb 29. See what happened next 

Did you notice that red padlock in GMAIL?

Gmail will now place a broken red padlock next to messages that are not encrypted 

What people are saying

What are people saying about Sensorpro? 

Our Safeharbor statement

What is Safeharbor, and why is it important for you?  

7 tips for holiday messaging

Any holiday can be important for your email campaign  

Our sponsored athletes: Tom & Jessie Barr

Meet Tom and Jessie Barr, our sponsored athletes on the roadtorio 

Responsive email design

More than half B2B email remains unreadable on mobile. Our top tips for responsive design 

Case study: Ben & Jerry's

How Sensorpro was used to find social entrepreneurs for this iconic brand 

How a Welcome series can be a winner

A welcome series is a more effective strategy to continually engage, connect and up-sell with your subscriber over time 

How to autopost your Content by email

Automatically grab content from your blog or landing page and send to subscribers 

Using Twitter cards with email

Twitter Cards are a great way for you to grow your mailing list via Twitter 

How to make sure GMAIL treats you nice

Did you know GMAIL have sending rules? 

Let's not break-up at Point-of-Sale

The point of sale transaction isn't the end, it's the beginning 

Net Promoter Score

We share how clients like The Container Stores are using NPS to dynamically respond to feedback across 800 stores 

How to boost Retail email with Persona

Personalisation and building a persona is easier said than done 

How to create a Brand Health Index

Using surveys to find out the health of your brand outside of normal channels