How to add an email responder to your Twitter Card

  1. Prepare the content of your auto-responder email.
  2. Go to menu option "Admin" / "Setup" / "Auto Response email configuration". If you don't have an account yet, click here.
  3. To enable the email responder, simply provide a "From" address & Subject line
  4. Copy the content to the content editor & click Save.
  5. Get the signup link from menu: "Setup" / "Signup form". It should look like this: - the number at the end, called OrgID, is unique to your Account. You can test the responder using this link before proceeding to the Twitter setup.
  6. Now login to your Twitter Ads account and create a Lead generation card.
  7. In the Fallback URL use the link from Step 5 (ensuring that you use the correct "orgid" at the end).
  8. Fill out the Advanced tab like this:

    Twitter Card Configuration

  9. Test your card & you are ready to go!


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